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Welcome to the Trans Pennine Trail

A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders

Welcome to the Trans Pennine Trail

A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders


A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders

TPT - your storiesYour stories

Here are the experiences of some who have tried the Trail for a couple of days or longer – perhaps it will enspire you to get out there.

Sending us your stories, photos and other material
We are always very glad to hear about your experiences on the Trans Pennine Trail, but ask that by sending us any material you agree to grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to publish and otherwise use the material in any way we choose, and in any media.

It’s important to note, however, that you still own the copyright to everything you contribute to the Trans Pennine Trail. This means you are still free to use your material in any way you wish. The Trans Pennine Trail cannot guarantee that any or all of your material will be published and we reserve the right to edit it.

Please note the views expressed in this section are those from members of the public. They are not representative of the Trans Pennine Trail, any of its partners in the project, or any other organisation or company.


Robert Clegg Cycle for Alzheimer’s Society

Hello all,
I’ve now finished what was a very challenging unsupported cycle ride, due to the very wet weather and strong winds all round the coast.
I set off on June 1st heading into a strong head wind and rain going East from my home then South. There were some Steep climbs on my route especially in Somerset (a few15% 20% and a 30%) and a few more in Scotland.

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Three and a half days of riding enjoyment experiencing the Trans Pennine Trail

A great start but a quick stop! The plan to be bussed from Walkington near Beverley East Yorkshire to the start line at Southport came to a sudden halt on the M62 at Junction 21. This was Monday 04 July (American Independence Day) and far from being independent the road was chock-a-block with vehicles. Unfortunately there had been a serious road accident. However, after about an hour we had managed to creep forward far enough to slip off at J21 and circumnavigate the area returning to the M62 at J20. We glided passed the 20 mile tale back on the other side and eventually reach Southport at 1.15 pm after leaving at 8.15 that morning.

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Certainly worth a try!

I was first introduced to the TPT, when my wife Sue, and I joined the “Cafnbak Cycling Group” run by Geoff Preston. We were new to riding in 2014, and felt welcomed and readily accepted by what was then a small group of mature riders.

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The TPT: Train, Plan, Try It!

I’ve read quite a few of the stories here. They’re impressive! I stand in awe of those who can attempt the TPT in a day, or who can cycle over the Pennines with a bike-load of camping equipment.

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Dave Karellen’s 5 Day Journey (6th to 10th August 2015)

Having lived in Warrington growing up, I’ve been aware of the Trans Pennine Trail since it opened in 2001. Completing the trail from Southport to Hornsea had been an ambition fourteen years in the making. I’d decided to cycle the trail solo over five days and raise money for Cancer Research UK in the process. This is my story.

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Four Friends & 37 Walks! – 2009 to 2015

Nothing stops us! What a fantastic find this was. Me (Ruth) my Husband Lincoln and our great friends Sue and Paul, tried to cover as much of the TPT as possible pushing my husband in his manual wheelchair. We only expected to do 7-8 miles at a time because Lincoln has MS, is unable to walk and gets very uncomfortable.

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Mysiuk Tour – May 2015

My name is Wayne Mysiuk. Myself and my 2 sons, Dermot aged 9 and Kian 13 decided to attempt to cycle the Trans Pennine Trail Coast to Coast to raise money for Wakefield Hospice. The event took place between the 23rd and 27th May 2015.

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Non-Stop Completion of the TPT – Simon and Paul – 2012

In 2012 myself and my friend Paul completed the Trans Pennine Trail crossing and I wrote a short story on the TPT website (July 2012 Southport – Hornsea) and since then was looking for a bigger challenge. Living in Doncaster and only 1 mile from the trail I thought why not attempt it again. Probably a few beers later and a bit of bravado I decided to attempt it to see if our fitness levels had improved.

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Memoirs of two amateurs – Steve Perry & Verity Platek – 2013

As the threat of the Ride London 100 cycle event grew nearer and nearer, Verity and myself joined our heads together to plan our training regime. The popularity of the sport has been tremendous since the success of the London 2012 Olympics and with Sir Bradley Wiggins becoming the first Tour De France winner. The difficulty, however, is finding the time to ride and sourcing a safe route free of huge lorries and speeding traffic.

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