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Welcome to the Trans Pennine Trail

A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders

Welcome to the Trans Pennine Trail

A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders


A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders

TPT recordsTrail records

Here’s a list of the current records we know about for the Trans Pennine Trail!

If you’re a previous user of the Trail and think your challenge should be added, just drop us a line – or if you’ve just completed the Trail and can beat one of our existing records, or would like to add a new one, please let us know.

  • Cycling coast to coast in May 2015: Dermot Mysiuk, aged 9.  Click link to read review.
  • Cycling coast to coast June 2010: David Thomson, aged 10 1/4 cycled the Trail in aid of ‘Epilepsy Action’.
  • Cycling coast to coast August 2009: Kezia, aged 6 1/2, cycled the Trail on a tag along trailer with her Mum and brother.
  • Cycling coast to coast July 2009: Megan aged 10 1/2 cycled the Trail with her Dad. Her wonderful write up is on the stories section (Megan and Martin’s Adventure).
  • Cycling coast to coast Feb 2008: Robert Phillips, age 12, cycled the Trail with his Father. Their write up on the website (Father and Son) shows how trying a few small sections can lead to completing the whole of the Trail.
  • Cycling – Stocksbridge to Hull 2005: Tamara Mell, aged 10, spent a few days of the school holidays exploring the Trail. Website write up ‘David and Tamara’s Summer Trip’.
  • Cycling – Hornsea to Southport 2022 – Derek Davey and Brian Doyle. Derek is 65 and Brian is 83.
  • Cycling – Southport to Hull 2003: Mr and Mrs Hardie completed the Trail from Southport to Hornsea. Mr Hardie is 78 years old!
  • Walking – Southport to Hornsea (and back again) Start 2004: Betty Little, aged 83, certainly has the enthusiasm to put us all to shame. See website entry ’83 year old completes TPT – both ways’.
  • Cycling – Southport to Hornsea 2014. Rob Shaw aged 40, completed the Trail along with his son Mike aged 16, daughter Jess aged 18 and father Patrick aged 72! 3 generations from the same family.
Non-stop completions
  • Cycling coast to Coast Nov 2005: David Turnbull & Steve Rysdale cycled the coast to coast route non-stop – a remarkable achievement. Read their experiences, ‘Non Stop Completion’.
  • Cycling coast to Coast April 2009: Rod Chalmers also completed the route non-stop in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Read his story.
  • Cycling coast to coast July 2013: Simon Auty cycled the coast to coast non-stop which is an amazing achievement. Read Simon’s story on our website.

Please note that we applaud the achievement of anyone who chooses to do a non-stop completion of the TPT between Southport and Hornsea. However we do not endorse or encourage any record for this.

  • Walking – Liverpool to Hull 2001: Mr & Mrs Lawrence took two weeks to complete the Trail from Liverpool to Hull
  • Cycling – Liverpool to Hessle 2003: Phyll and Bob enjoy 17 days on the Trail
Different Methods
  • Recumbent Bike – March 2003: This is the only record we have of anyone completing the Trail on a recumbent bike – can you beat it? Read Rod Yeomans write up ‘The Low-slung way’.
  • Cycling – Coast to Coast (in the floods) June 2006 Who Cares Trust managed to raise £30,000 for their charity by completing the Trail, despite having major diversions during the floods. They’ve done a wonderful write up on the website , ‘Who Cares Trust Ride / Puddle’.
Foreign Visitors
  • Australia – Cycling coast to Coast 2004 & 2007, plus 2009! Heather & Lloyd from Tasmania, Australia have completed the Trail not once, but twice. Their latest experiences can be found on the Your Stories section, ‘Australian Trippers do it again’. Latest – they’ve now completed the Trans Pennine Trail four times – please click here to read about their 2009 adventure
  • Hong Kong – Cycling coast to Coast 2008: Steve Wordsworth, a Hong Kong resident completed the trail from Soutport to Hornsea. Steve’s experience can be found on the your stories section ‘Hong Kong to Hornsea’

Interactive Map

See our interactive mapping for detailed route alignment and route diversions.


Using the tables below you can work out how far you want to go on the TPT.

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