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All About Connor the Caterpillar


Who am I? 
My name is Connor, I am a caterpillar

What do I look like?
I am an insect and come in various different colours and sizes! I have 6 legs and 10 ‘false legs’ called prolegs that I use to help me hang onto things and walk in a wave like motion. I also have 12 eyes!

Where is your home?
You can find me almost everywhere; under leaves, in the grass, and in hedges! If you have ever spotted leaves with holes in them you will know I have been there!!

Did you know?
In a caterpillars lifetime they can eat 27,000 times its own body weight!!

How big am I?
I can be as small as 1mm or be as big as 14cm!! 

What do I like to eat?
Food, food and more food! We are given the nickname ‘eating machines’ because all we do is eat!! I mostly eat plants and my favourites are stinging nettles. Some of us caterpillars even eat other caterpillars!!

Interesting Facts!
– A caterpillar lives for 2-4 weeks before transforming into a beautiful butterfly. This process is called metamorphosis.
– There are around 180,000 different types of caterpillars.
– A caterpillar lives for just two to four weeks.


Can you draw me a picture of what type of butterfly I am going transform into?
Please send your creations to the TPT team via email (get your mums and dads to take a picture)


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