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The Trans Pennine Trail for walkers

A lot of the longest walking routes in the UK are in attractive but remote places. The Trans Pennine Trail however is very close to a lot of urban areas.

You can get onto the Trail in towns and cities and walk into the countryside. The Trail is largely purpose built using canals, riversides, disused railway lines and urban cycle paths – over 70% of the Trail is traffic-free.

The Trail is a multi-user route designed with walkers in mind and provides a great way to explore the countryside whether that’s just an afternoon stroll or a journey across northern England. Most of the Trail is relatively flat, so it provides easy walking, and the route is comprehensively signed. For much of the route, walkers share the Trail with cyclists and horse riders, but there are additional ‘walkers only’ sections allowing you to stay off-road for even more of the route.

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Accessible Venues

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