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User codesTrans Pennine Trail user codes

The Trans Pennine Trail is a route for walkers, cyclists and in parts, horseriders who often share the same route. To keep everybody safe and happy every effort has been made to create a route suitable for all permitted users. But enjoyment of the Trans Pennine Trail relies on everybody showing consideration to each other.

Please always follow these sensible guidelines in our User Code when you are on the Trail.

All users:
  • Where different paths or sides of the path are signed for different user groups – please keep to your side.
  • If you are in a group, please do not walk or ride across the whole width of the path, leave space for others to pass you easily.
  • Take great care where the Trans Pennine Trail crosses or follows roads.
  • Take all your litter home and be careful with cigarette ends due to risk of fire.
  • Dog owners – please clean up after your pet – dog mess spoils the Trail and adjacent areas for other people and poses health risks.
  • Keep your dog under close control – preferably on a short lead, especially where farm animals are present.
Horse Riders
  • Use only sections of the Trail where horses are allowed.
  • Do not use the Trail unless you can control your horse – you may encounter walkers, people using wheelchairs and scooters, cyclists, dogs and bridges over road, rail and water.
  • Do not canter or gallop on the Trail.
  • Please avoid damaging Trail surfaces and don’t ride on the grass central dividing strip.
Horse riders and cyclists
  • Warn others when you approach from behind so you do not startle people as you pass by – call politely or use a bell / hooter.
  • Slow down when approaching other users who are unpredictable, particularly children or animals; remember too, some people may have a hearing impairment.
  • Helmets and high visibility clothing will add to your safety.
  • Please ride in single file on narrow sections.
  • Must not use this route for racing competitions or speed trials.
  • On canal towpaths – read and abide by the British Waterways code for cyclists.
  • Please be prepared to dismount occasionally – on steep access ramps, or on limited sections (such as restricted width bridges).
  • Where the Trail is a designated bridleway, cyclists should give way to other users.
  • Be careful with your speed – especially on slopes or where visibility ahead is limited.
  • Please enjoy the Trans Pennine Trail and help others to do so too!

Longdendale Access Project

Pat and Bryan’s story has helped our Partners right across the Trans Pennine Trail network to see how changes can make the route more accessible. Take a look at what they've helped to accomplish.

Interactive Mapping

Together with local authorities across the Trail we have looked at sections across the Trail that are accessible for all users, view them here

Useful Links for Information

Check our useful links regarding accessibility 

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