Benvenuti al Trans Pennine Trail

Una costa nazionale itinerario coast per la ricreazione e il trasporto - per gli escursionisti, ciclisti e (in parti) cavalieri

Trans Pennine Trail logo
Trans Pennine Trail logo

Benvenuti al Trans Pennine Trail

Una costa nazionale itinerario coast per la ricreazione e il trasporto - per gli escursionisti, ciclisti e (in parti) cavalieri

Routes linking to the TPT

There are many paths and trails that link into the Trans Pennine Trail. Here are brief details of the main Long Distance Rotues that link with the Trail and may be of interest.

Pennine Way – The classic long distance walk along the highest levels of the Pennine hills between Edale and Kirk Yetholm, and connects with the TPT at Torside in the Peak District. You’ll need to be fit, well equipped and able to navigate. Not as fearsome as you might think.

Pennine Bridleway – A new long distance National Trail for horse riding and mountain biking using a mix of historic packhorse routes, grassy tracks and some sections of quiet road along the flanks of the Pennines. The route from Derbyshire to the Mary Townley Loop (Lancashire / West Yorkshire) is open, although on an interim route through the Glossop area the remainder is being developed and will open in stages over the next few years. This crosses the TPT at Tintwistle, and a feeder route is planned which would create an off-road link between the TPT at Dunford Bridge and the Bridleway, as well as a circular route in the south Pennines

Wolds Way – Leaving the TPT on the Humber foreshore running across a mixture of rolling chalk wolds with large airy field tops and dramatic dry valleys to finish south of Scarborough. For walkers with some sections available for cyclists and horse riders.

The TPT forms part of the National Cycle Network which extends throughout the UK. The idea for the Cycle Network was conceived by the charity Sustrans which lobbies for the development of sustainable transport options in the UK. You can find out about other challenge routes or cycle route near to you on the Sustrans website.

National Byway – The National Byway is a 4,000 miglio (6,436 km) discreetly-signposted leisure cycle route round Britain on some of the most attractive and lightly-trafficed rural lanes, providing safe and easily followed routes for cycling, enhanced by over 1,000 places of interest and historic sites to visit along the way, providing a reason to ride. This links with the TPT by North Ferriby and on the Hornsea Rail Trail and is likely to link in with the TPT in Merseyside as this section of the Byway is developed.

Kinder Loop – A a 55 mile circular long distance horse riding route that includes a section of the Trans Pennine Trail. It has been developed by Peak Horsepower, a bridleways group. La corsa passa attraverso il drammatico scenario intorno Kinder Scout ed è stimolante e gratificante RID

Waking Snaith Vale– La Vale of Snaith è una zona di straordinaria bellezza, immerso tra il fiume Ouse e il fiume Don. E 'ideale per gli escursionisti, offrendo piatto facile camminare sotto un cielo completamente aperto. Ecco il link per il Walking Snaith Vale TPT


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