Benvenuti al Trans Pennine Trail

Una costa nazionale itinerario coast per la ricreazione e il trasporto - per gli escursionisti, ciclisti e (in parte) cavalieri

Benvenuti al Trans Pennine Trail

Una costa nazionale itinerario coast per la ricreazione e il trasporto - per gli escursionisti, ciclisti e (in parte) cavalieri


Una costa nazionale itinerario coast per la ricreazione e il trasporto - per gli escursionisti, ciclisti e (in parte) cavalieri

Getting to the TPTArrivare alla Trans Pennine Trail

The easiest way of getting to the Trail is to walk, cycle or ride to the Trail but if you are travelling from further afield please try to reduce your impact on the environment by using public transport to get to the TPT wherever you can. Much of the TPT can be easily accessed by bus and train, which makes it easier to cover a linear stretch of the route with no need to retrace your steps! You’ll be helping to support local services too.

By car

There are car parks along the TPT, although they are sparse on many parts of the route. If you do travel by car, please be considerate and do not obstruct farm gates or residential access points when you park.

Hornsea & District Taxi Service: Our Taxi firm has 2 x 8 Seater Minibuses and 1 x saloon car. We have a 1 x 8 seater minibus and easily got 3 cycles in the boot compartment, we also have a cycle A frame carrier to put another 2 cycles on if required, making it a total of 5 cycles to transport on the 1 vehicle. We also have another 8 seater minibus and a salon car available. We hope this will be of help to you adventurous people who undertake the 215 mile long trail and then require another mode of transport to take them to the nearest train station of there choice. For more information including costs, please contact us on 01964 535353.

By bus or coach

For national information on coaches try .

Walkers can take advantage of bus services which link to many places along the route. Information on local services can be obtained from the following sources:

For information on how to reach the heart of rural South Yorkshire by using the bus please visit The site will also give details on the role of Transport Executive, Rural Links team and local transport projects.

From abroad

If you are coming to the TPT from overseas, daily ferry services link the TPT at Liverpool to Dublin and at Hull to Rotterdam (Europort) or Zeebrugee.

  • Sea Cat from Ireland: Tale 08701 296 002
  • P&O Ferries to Hull: Tale 08701 296002

By train

Stations on and close to the Trail are marked on the TPT route maps. For information on services and train times contact National Rail Enquiries: 08457 484950 o Trainline –

Most local services allow cycles to be carried on trains although longer distance services usually require you to book in advance. You’ll find more detail of which train operators carry cycles on our cycles on trains page or on the rail enquiries website.

Cycles and Wheelchairs on Trains

Northern Rail, Customer Services – 0845 00 00 125, Ticketing and Fares – 08457 00 0125, On-Train Wheelchair Access – Yes, All Northern trains can accommodate wheelchairs and all units are fitted with portable ramps. Please contact customer services to book assistance. Cycles – Two cycle spaces are available on all trains. Carried on a ‘first come first served’ basis. (Nota: Northern guards are very helpful in getting more cyclists on trains outside peak hours)

Transpennine espresso, Customer Services – 0845 600 1671, Ticketing and Fares – 0845 600 1674, On-Train Wheelchair Access – Wheelchair access is available on all Transpennine Express Trains. Dedicated areas are provided for wheelchairs and all of out trains carry their own Wheelchair ramp. Cycles – Cycles carried free but space for the cycle must be reserved in advance.

Grand Central, Cycles – Cyclists will be welcome aboard Grand Central’s trains.

East Coast, Customer Services – 08457 225 333, Ticketing and Fares – Telesales primary – 08457 225 225, On-Train Wheelchair Access – There are designated car parking spaces available for blue badge holders at all the station car parks we manage. Portable ramps are provided at all our stations and staff assistance is available at departure, interchange and arrival stations. All our frontline staff and managers receive training in disability awareness. Our trains have space for wheelchair users and their companions within the passenger saloon. All our trains also have accessible toilets. The locations of wheelchair spaces are clearly indicated by signage on the outside of the train doors. Ramps are carried on all of our trains to assist access and egress from our trains. Cycles – Note National Express East Coast welcomes cycles on its services and conveys them free of charge, provided it is safe to do. For more information and to make cycle reservations please contact us.

Virgin Trains, Customer Services – 0845 000 8000, Ticketing and Fares – 08457 222 333, On-Train Wheelchair Access – Yes, To arrange special help, please contact Virgin Trains Journey Care on 08457 443 366, Cycles – Nota – All customers travelling with bikes must have a reservation to travel however there is no charge for this reservation. The exception for the rule if for season ticket holders, who do not require a reservation however space on the train will be subject to availability and is not guaranteed.

Cross Country, Customer Services – 0870 010 0084, Ticketing and Fares – 0844 811 0124, On-Train Wheelchair Access – Not yet supplied, Cycles – It’s no problem if you need to bring your bicycle when you travel with us. All you need to do is make a reservation at the same time as you buy your ticket to ensure there is dedicated space available for it.

Mersey Rail, Customer Services – 0151 702 3074, On-Train Wheelchair Access – Not yet supplies, Cycles – Accompanied cycles are carried free of charge subject to space.

Hull Trains, Customer Services – 0845 676 9905, Ticketing and Fares – 08450 710 222, On-Train Wheelchair Access – ramps and wheelchair spaces are available in both first and standard class. Cycles – Nota – Advance reservation is required on all trains.

Ferrovia delle Midlands Orientali, Customer Services – 08457 078 051, Ticketing and Fares – 08457 125 678, On-Train Wheelchair Access – Yes, Cycles – Nota – Bicycles can be taken on to all of our trains, free of charge.

Sheffield Supertram For information visit or call customer services on 0114 272 8282

Manchester Metro Link Customer services 0161 205 2000, on-Tram wheelchair Access all stops are accessible by means of a lift or a ramp. The central section of the tram is an area specifically designed for wheelchairs and prams. The sign on the platform (disabled access) will tell you where to wait to board at the correct doors on the vehicle. Cycles- Bicycles are not permitted on Metrolink vehicles unless they are folding and fully encased.

For further information on all the above services and train times, including leaflet CYCLING BY TRAIN, available from stations and the National Rail Enquiries website – Folded bikes are free from restrictions.

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