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Ryans Bike Ride

Nov 8, 2013

I hope Trail Users take the time to read this worthwhile story and bring awareness to Battens Disease. We are six friends who all originate from Bradford in West Yorkshire with an age group from 59 to 74 years who intend to cycle Coast to Coast on the Trans Pennine Trail from Yorkshire to Lancashire to raise money for Battens Disease Charity.

We know of Battens Disease because our nephew Ryan was diagnosed with it two years ago. It was very upsetting for all the family as I’m sure you can understand. My husband and I, together with four friends, decided that we would like to help raise funds and give something back to Battens as they have been very supportive for Ryan’s family.

Ryan Joe Thompson who is my brother’s son and is nine years old was diagnosed with Juvenile Battens Disease at the age of seven. Up to the age of five he was a normal healthy little boy. He started to lose his sight at the age of six and is now totally blind. Ryan is now having fits and has had a pace maker fitted to try to control them. Although it is probably too late to help cure Ryan we know research is continually going on to try to find a cure for Battens Disease and know whatever we raise will be helpful.

Two of our friends Carol (my school friend) and her husband Alan moved to Hornsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire to live and cycle part way on the Trans Pennine Trail to keep fit. When they told us about their cycle rides we thought yes we’ll have ago at that and go the whole way across the country. The Trail as you know is coast to coast across the north of England, a journey of 215 miles, and should take us between five to six days to complete. It will be a big achievement when we finish our journey and we have the added benefit of knowing we are raising money for such a good cause.

We are now retired and live part of the year in Spain. Val and Maurice our friends in Spain, also from Bradford, whom we have known for six years also wanted to take part in this event when we told them what we intended doing. The four of us keep active in Spain by cycling, swimming, gym work and walking with a group. Back in England we walk in the Yorkshire Dales and also visit the gym.

The BDFA is a registered charity, number 1084908, and their website is if you wish to find out more about Battens Disease.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and we hope you can help us raise as much money as possible. People’s donations, no matter how small, will be gratefully accepted and can be paid online via

We’ll continue our blog and let you know how we’ve got on after the ride. Thank you for all your support.

Wendy Talbot

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