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Una costa nacional para ruta de la costa para la recreación y el transporte - para caminantes, ciclistas y (en partes) jinetes

Robert Ciclo Clegg para la Sociedad de Alzheimer

Hola a todos,

Ahora he terminado lo que era un paseo en bicicleta sin apoyo muy desafiante, debido al clima muy húmedo y vientos fuertes durante todo el litoral.
Partí el 1 de junio de cara a un fuerte viento y la lluvia hacia el este de mi casa, entonces Sur. Hubo algunas cuestas empinadas en mi ruta, especialmente en Somerset (un few15% 20% y una 30%) y unos pocos más en Escocia.

The longest climb (in torrential rain and 25 miles an hour head wind), being round the 2 most Northerly Mountains Ben Hope and Ben Loyal to get to Durness on the North coast. At one stage i had to dismount and wait for a slight abatement as i couldn’t see in front of me.
Unfortunately from there South in the Western Highlands accommodation was all pre booked well in advance. Golf/Bowls/The Scottish 500/Highland Games/School Hols had all started. Obviously cycling long distances its not possible to book ahead in case anything happens.

I had already switched coasts from Cumbria through to Glasgow because of problems on the way up the West. So from the North coast i switched back to the East again and continued where i left off from Glasgow/Edinburgh down to Spurn Point then home via the Trans Pennine Trail to Goole.

Total milage was 3,056 en 64 days including 8 rest days. ie 56 days cycling, an overall average of just over 54.5 miles a day, (with only 14 dry days).

The daily weight on my Dawes Super Galaxy bike was around 15/16 kilos. The bike has now covered around 34,000 miles and is still going strong.

I will now celebrate my belated 75th birthday happy knowing that we have done a little bit to help the research. Lets hope that the cure being trialled now is successful.

To date 16 Aug we have raised 1620 pounds plus 25% gift aid on most of the donations, (some have not qualified for gift aid unfortunately).

The total to date is 2,017 pounds.

A very special thanks to all donators and to the many lovely people who supported and helped me along when things went wrong.
A special mention for Pete (the truck) in Portbury for transporting me to Mikes Bikes who donated and fitted a new gear shifter.

Next trip ??? Perhaps a tour of Spain maybe it will be dry and warm lol

Robert Clegg

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