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Welcome to the Trans Pennine Trail

A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders

Welcome to the Trans Pennine Trail

A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders


A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders

Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) and Sustrans Paths for Everyone Rangers

Are you looking for an opportunity to help look after the TPT?
With so many miles of Trail to cover our volunteers fill a vital role acting as our eyes and ears on the ground.  Working in partnership with Sustrans, together we support activities and respond to volunteering questions and ideas, where we can. 

Volunteers usually take on a section of Trail close to their home to make it easier to carry out regular trips, however you are free to cover any area you wish. You can do any of the activities and tasks below, according to your own interests. Please be mindful to follow the guidance of both Sustrans, TPT and local landowners:   

  • Organising and taking part in clean ups on the TPT to keep the route accessible 
  • Picking up litter from the area to keep the path accessible and safe for wildlife 
  • Cutting back any vegetation that is hanging over the paths (with agreement from landowners)  
  • Checking signage (including Millennium Mileposts) and replacing temporary signs where necessary 
  • Reporting any problems you may find to the TPT National office  
  • Running guided rides or walks (training can be provided by Sustrans) 
  • record the wildlife you see on the iRecord website 
  • share your volunteering on our National Cycle Network Facebook group and follow the Trans Pennine Trail social media accounts. 
  • and much more… 

These tasks can be done on your own, with your family or a few other local volunteers. Equipment for the activities above will be provided, if needed. But you must follow Sustrans volunteer guidance to be covered under our insurance.  

If you would like to know more about what’s happening in your area you can get in touch with the TPT National office via or contact Sarah or Liz via 

Volunteer Contact at the Trans Pennine Trail National Office
Hannah Beaumont is the TPT Senior Development Officer and part of her role is to welcome all new volunteers to the Trans Pennine Trail partnership.  As a new volunteer you’ll get a welcome email with lots of advice, free copy of one of the TPT Maps and you’ll be added to the mailing list for the TPT Supporter Newsletters.  

The Volunteer Coordinators at Sustrans
Liz Edwards and Sarah Donnelly, from Sustrans, support volunteering activities and engagement across the North of England. Volunteering must be within Sustrans’ guidance on how to volunteer on public land. This is to make sure that your volunteering efforts are within the landowner’s plans, and that it also contributes to the improvement of biodiversity and access on the paths.  

While volunteers tend to look after their own stretch there may be opportunities for you to get together with others in your area or even further afield, to help with tasks and promotional events. 

If you have a passion for the Trans Pennine Trail and would like to see it protected for future generations to enjoy, please get in touch. All you need is enthusiasm, the ability to get out onto your local section regularly and some free time. 

Below are some volunteers and the tasks they have been involved in:

Current Volunteer Vacancies
Paths for Everyone Volunteer (North and East Yorkshire)
Community Area Leader (Hull)
Led Ride Volunteers in Barnsley
Quick Ways Informal Volunteering

If you want to join our partnership, select a volunteering opportunity above to apply online – please note you will be directed to Sustrans website. 

For more information about volunteering or the Trans Pennine Trail please get in touch with the TPT national office via email; call 01226 772574. Alternatively, you can contact Volunteer Coordinators Liz and Sarah at Sustrans via email on; 

Want to find out where your local area is? Check out the interactive mapping to explore what’s in your area.  

Useful Links for Information

Check our useful links regarding accessibility

Accessible Venues

Here is a list of Accessible Venues across TPT


Using the tables below you can work out how far you want to go on the TPT.

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