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Important notes for Google maps

The TPT maps on this site use Google maps. This is powerful technology, but it does have a few limitations and issues that should be considered during use.

Map up-to-dateness

Maps and especially satellite and street views are only as up to date as Google allows.

Discrepancies between ‘Map’ and ‘Satellite’ views

Where paths may be spot on in ‘map’ view, they may not be in ‘satellite’ view.


Printing maps

When printing maps – at large or small scale – please ensure you only print the page or pages you need.


Ensure you set you print dialogue to print on the pages you need.
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Longdendale Access Project

Pat and Bryan’s story has helped our Partners right across the Trans Pennine Trail network to see how changes can make the route more accessible. Take a look at what they've helped to accomplish.

Interactive Mapping

Together with local authorities across the Trail we have looked at sections across the Trail that are accessible for all users, view them here

Useful Links for Information

Check our useful links regarding accessibility 

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