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Mandy Mole’s Make and Do

Mandy Mole would like to see what creations you can make!
Don’t forget to send us a picture too!!


Flower ice cubes
Make some special ice-cubes for you and your friends.

You will need
Ice cube tray
Flowers (please only pick flowers from your garden or open field)

Pick some daisies or violets and wash them thoroughly.
Cut off the flower-heads and put one into each of your ice-tray compartments.
Fill the tray with water and pop into your freezer for a few hours
When frozen you can watch them melt or even put them in your drinks

To add something a little different why not try using some fruit e.g. blackberries or raspberries.


Make your own Wormery
You might need a grown up to help with cutting out the bottle

You will need:
2 Litre plastic bottle
Peat free composts
Horticultural sand
Worm food – vegetable peelings or leaves  

1. Collect some worms from your garden.
2. Cut the top 1/4 off the bottle to make a lid.  Make a slit in the side of the lid so that the top closes over the bottom part.
3. Fill the bottle with alternate layers of sand and compost making sure each layer is damp (you may have to sprinkle water on each layer).
4. Add a few worms to the top of the bottle and watch them wriggle down.
5. Add food for the worms
6. Wrap cardboard/ dark paper around the bottle to make it dark
7. Place your wormery in a warm place and check back in a day or so to see what the worms have been doing.

It is important your worms have plenty of food and you release them back into the garden after a week. 


Finger Puppets
Why not create your own Trans Pennine Trail characters?


You will need
Cotton wool ball or tissue
7 0.5cm x 0.5cm flesh coloured material
Piece of material 4cm x 6cm of a plain design
Felt tip pens or crayons
Scraps of fabric, lace, paper, wool and buttons
Scissors glue and string

1. Make the head – wrap the flesh coloured material around the cotton wool ball or balled tissue and tie with string.
2. Make the body – Glue the plain piece of material around the bottom of the head (to hide the string) making sure it sits nicely on your finger. 
3. Draw a face on the puppet using felt tip pens or crayons.
4. Use the wool to glue on hair
5. Decorate your puppet as you like! 


Egg Box Caterpillar

You will need
Large one dozen egg box
Pipe cleaners
Felt tips / Paint

1. Cut the box in half so you have two strips – each with six cups.
2. Decorate with felt tips or paint – be as wild as you like!
3. At the head end draw / stick on eyes a mouth and two pipe cleaners for antennae.
4. Get an adult to poke holes through each side of the egg box.
5. Thread pipe cleaners through the holes to make five pairs of legs.

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