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All About Sophie Squirrel


Who am I?
My name is Sophie, I am a squirrel.

What do I look like?
I am a red squirrel so a little bit different to the grey ones you might see whilst out walking or cycling. My fur is a reddish brown colour and I have tufts on my ears that get bigger in winter. I move around by hopping/ jumping along the ground.

Have you noticed how big my eyes are? This is to help me to see where I am going when I climb trees and escape other animals who may want to attack me.

Where is your home?
I live in a tree and prefer to live on my own but when it gets cold I group together with my other squirrel friends.


Did you know? 
Just like rats and mice, a squirrel’s front teeth will continue to grow throughout its life. This makes them great for chewing and gnawing. 


Squirrel footprintsHow big am I?
I can grow to about 18 – 24cm tall and my tail grows to around 14-20cm long!

What do I like to eat?
Most people believe all I eat are nuts! Although I do really enjoy nuts I also eat plants and meat – this makes me an omnivore like you!

When I do find a nut I like to bury it and use my sense of smell to find them again!

Interesting Facts!
– There are over 200 different species of squirrel that live all around the world.
– Squirrels find about 80% of the nuts they bury and the other 20% end up growing into Oak trees.
– We are born blind.


Since my grey squirrel friends arrived I have become very outnumbered!
When you are out exploring keep your eyes out for me and if you spot me let the TPT team know so they can make a note of where I am hiding!!



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