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Print and colour

Here’s your chance to help Sophie Squirrel with a spot of colouring or a dot-to-dot!

There are several designs for you to print off, colour, paint, decorate or make your own fantastic images. Why not send us a photo of your completed design, along with your name, age and town for us to add to the website.

Of course, if you’d like to do your own drawing or painting of the Trail you can send them through to us (ask your parents to take a digital photo of your finished design and send it through to us) – we’d like to start showing some of your designs here. You can be as creative as you like.


Here’s a few masks that you can make. Either cut out or colour in and cut out. Don’t forget to send Sophie Squirrel your finished designs.

Dot-to-dot’s and colouring

There are two options for each poster. One of them can just be printed off and coloured in. The other is a dot-to-dot – just join up all the dots and then colour in afterwards. Just click on the links below the pictures if you’d like to print off a copy. Don’t forget to send Sophie Squirrel your finished posters.

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