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 All About Mandy Mole


Who am I?
My name is Mandy, I am a mole.

Where is your home?
I live in the UK in woods. I like to live in fresh soil so it makes the worms taste better. I move around in burrows underground. 

What do I look like?
I look a bit like a mouse. I have short black soft fur with big claws and a short tail. I have a no ears, a pink nose and very small eyes.  My front paws and claws are like shovels and I use them to build long tunnels and underground homes.


Did you know?
Many farmers and gardeners don’t like moles because we burrow their land and they don’t like our mole hills. 


How big am I?
From my nose to tail I can grow to nearly 16cm!!

What do I like to eat?
Worms worms and more worms! As a special treat I will eat ants, spiders and grubs.

Interesting Facts!
My body is very sensitive and I can pick up small vibrations in the soil to help me find food.

I have a good sense of smell but can’t see very well because my eyes very small and covered in fur!

Try to count how many mole hills you see when you are next out!
REMEMBER – Don’t step on them!! I like to hide my food in there!



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