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Make and Do

Finger Puppets

Things you need:

Cotton wool ball or tissue

7 0.5cm x 7 0.5cm flesh coloured material

Piece of material 4cm x 6cm of a plain design

Felt tip pens or crayons

Scraps of fabric, lace, paper, wool and buttons

Scissors glue and string


  1. Wrap the flesh piece or material over the cotton wool ball or tissue wadded up and tie with your piece of string.
  2. Glue the 4cm x 6cm piece of material around the flesh colour material where it is tied with the string. Make sure this is tight enough to stay on your finger. This will make the body of your puppet.
  3. Draw a face on the puppet using felt tip pens or crayons. Use the wool to glue on hair and glue on details with the scraps of lace paper fabric wool and buttons for eyes and maybe a cloak / hat, etc.

Egg Box Caterpillar

Things you need:

Large one dozen egg box

Pipe cleaner



Felt tips / Paint


  1. Cut the box in half so you have two strips – each with six cups.
  2. This is the body colour or paint it – be as wild as you like!
  3. At the head end draw / stick on eyes a mouth and two pipe cleaners for antennae.
  4. Get an adult to poke holes through each side of the egg box.
  5. Thread pipe cleaners through the holes to make five pairs of legs.

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