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Can you help Mandy Mole build a gallery? If you’ve got access to a digital camera and can take it out next time you’re on your local part of the Trans Pennine Trail, why not take a few shots of the wonderful wildlife that you see out there and send them through to us.

To take you to our gallery just click on the section that you’d like to visit:

Flowers and Plants – Why not take a photo of any of the wonderful flowers you see out on the Trail. Can you do some investigation to try and identify what kind of flower it is? View gallery here.

Trees – Do you know which trees are which? Send through your photos of the tree you like the best, remembering to identify it too. Don’t forget they too have flowersand fruit. Let’s get some close-up shots of their lovely leaves.

Wildlife – We know there are lots and lots of different types of wildlife out on the Trail from birds, insects, mammals, etc. Let’s try and see if we can build up a library of all the many, many different kids that there are out there. Again, remember to identify the species before you send in your photograph. View gallery here.

Tracks & Trails – Can you identify any footprints or any animal trails / droppings when you’re out and about?

We’d like you to try and identify the species that you send through and then we can publish them on our website. By sending your photos you agree to us using them on our webiste. Remember when sending your photographs to us to include, location of the photograph, species and your details.

So why not organise your own butterfly safari, bug hunt, tree trail or bird watch to see what you can find!

To start building the gallery we’ve added some fantastic photos to give you an idea of what to look for.

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