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All About Ford the Fox


Who am I?
My name is Ford, I am a Fox.

Where is your home?
I live on the Trans Pennine Trail as it’s got lots of lovely trees but we can live anywhere! Some of my friends live in busy cities like London but I prefer the quiet!


Did you know?
My home is called a den – why don’t you make your own ‘den’ with anything you can find at home? You could also make one in the woods next time you are out – I know me and my friends love it when we find things like this on our adventures at night!


What do I look like?
I have red or brown fur, pointy ears and a long nose (this is called a muzzle). My fur is very thick to keep me warm. My tail is very long and is sometimes called a brush. My tail is very special as it helps me to balance and also let other foxes know there may be danger.

Fox footprintsHow big am I?I am just a little bit bigger than a cat!

What do I like to eat?
I eat lots of different foods; my favourite is a mouse or a bird (or even the rubbish in your bins!). I really enjoy fruit and vegetables because they are very good for me and make me grow to be big and healthy!

What do I like to do?
Although I have lots of friends, I like to go hunting on my own when the sun starts to go down – this is the best time for you to try and spot me.
Remember though, please don’t come too close to me as I get scared and will probably run away!


What makes me special?
I have excellent hearing!
I use 28 different noises to talk to my friends!
I can run 30 miles per hour, zoom!


When you are next on a walk on the TPT have a look for my foot prints in the mud and take a photo!

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