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Tips for horse ridersTips for horse riders

The Trail is a multi-user route designed with equestrians in mind, and provides a great way to explore the countryside – whether that’s just an afternoon hack or a journey across northern England.

Here are a few points to help you enjoy riding your horse on the Trail:

  • Ride responsibly. The Trail is a multi-user facility for walkers, cyclists, horse riders, families and mobility-impaired users. All these users often have to use the same section of path, so always ride with care, courtesy and consideration. Ensure you have read the Trail Users Code.
  • Keep your speed down. On the Trail you will encounter a variety of users. Always warn others when approaching from behind: children and animals are particularly unpredictable. Only canter on segregated sections of the Trail, and always keep a lookout for other Trail users.
  • Remember your waterproofs and warm clothing. The Trail climbs right over the Pennines and is consequently liable to rapid changes, in weather even on warm, sunny days.
  • Take some spare food and drink. Although the Trail passes through many towns and cities, there are sections with many miles between shops and pubs. Always have a little spare, just in case!
  • Beware of glass and other obstructions. Sadly, not everyone using the Trail does so responsibly, and like many urban trails, the TPT can have a particular problem with glass debris. Keep a lookout, especially in urban areas.
  • Take a map. The Trail is comprehensively signed, but mistakes do happen; there are maps of the whole Trail available from the TPT office.
  • Park your trailer or horse box with care and consideration. Please park where it is safe and you are not causing an obstruction: preferably in one of the Trails dedicated horse-friendly car parks shown on the TPT maps.

View interactive map for horse riders

View our Interactive map.

Equestrian guide

Developed by horse riders to help others discover sections of the Trail on horseback.

Accessible Venues

Here is a list of Accessible Venues across TPT

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