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Welcome to the Trans Pennine Trail

A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders

Welcome to the Trans Pennine Trail

A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders


A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in part) horse riders

Four Friends & 37 Walks! – 2009 to 2015

Jul 6, 2015

Nothing stops us! What a fantastic find this was. Me (Ruth) my Husband Lincoln and our great friends Sue and Paul, tried to cover as much of the TPT as possible pushing my husband in his manual wheelchair. We only expected to do 7-8 miles at a time because Lincoln has MS, is unable to walk and gets very uncomfortable.  Even though we had to cancel some of our planned walks due to ill health, family commitments and poor weather, our determination held and we finally completed the Coast to Coast along with the added bonus of two of the spurs within four years.

The fabulous days, laughs and experiences we have had could not be replaced!

Many thanks to the Planners, Signers and Volunteers, we have had some amazing unforgettable memories! We have logs of all our walks if anyone needs information on terrain, facilities etc. from experienced pushers!!

From 2009 to 2015 we’ve had a blast taking the TPT challenge with a series of 37 walks in total!

Here’s our story about the journey we all took together:

Walk 1: 11th October 2009 – Parked at Rowntree Park, York and walked to Bishopthorpe (3 ¼ miles approx.) and back. Food, coffee and loos including disabled toilet at The Woodman – but you’ll need to book if eating.  Excellent terrain all the way.

Walk 2: 22nd May 2010 – Left first car at Bradberry Balk Lane, Wombwell, Barnsley and drove to Silkstone Common – parked under bridge. Walked to Wombwell.  Food available at Wentworth Castle Gardens, Barnsley.  Surfacing a bit rough on last mile or so.  Approximately 6 ½ miles

Walk 3Walk 3: 12th June 2010 – Car dropped off at Harlington and drove to Wombwell, Barnsley. Excellent terrain from Old Moor RSPB and excellent food and toilets – could have easily spent a full day there.  Carried on to Harlington.  Approximately 6 ½ miles.

Walk 4Walk 4: 3rd July 2010 – First car left at Cusworth Country Park and other at Harlington (both Doncaster). Section was a little bumpy in parts and no refreshments until Sprotbrough at The Boat Inn.  Food looked good and you can sit inside and out, disabled toilet available too.  Carried on to Cusworth Hall where there was a café and loos but they’re locked at 5pm.  Approximately 9 miles.

Walk 5: 6th August 2010 – First car left in lay by just before The Grange at Owston (Doncaster) and second at Cusworth Hall. Excellent terrain but nowhere on this section for eating or toilets.  Bentley could have been possibility but no signs into village to indicate.  Walk 7 - Doncster & East RidingApproximately 7 miles.

Walk 6: 4th September 2010 – First car left at Sykehouse (Doncaster) and second at Owston. Solid surface on virtually all of this section.  Threeways Café at Braithwaite was about halfway, providing sandwiches, cakes, teas, etc and toilet.  Camping also available.  Travelled approximately 8 miles.

Walk 7: 17th October 2010 – Car left on side-street in Carlton (Doncaster) and off-road at Sykehouse. Good surface up to junction just after Crow Croft Bridge.  Doubled back to go on cycling route as walking route overgrown.  Ideal from then on but nowhere to stop along this section.  Old George Inn at Sykehouse has food and toilets. Approximately 7 ½ miles.

Walk 8 - North YorkshireWalk 8: 6th November 2010 – Car parked at Brayton Lane car park at side of canal (Doncaster) to walk to Carlton. Terrain flat but bumpy at times.  Pub at Hirst Courtney for toilets.  Approximately 7 miles.

Walk 9Walk 9: 26th February 2011 – Left car at Cliffe on side road (North Yorkshire / Selby) and second at Brayton. Big potholes and tricky in parts.  Unfortunately Selby toll bridge was also closed so had to walk to bus station where toilets were available.  Free bus service around deter to other side of bridge where we picked up the TPT.  Carried on to Cliffe.  No access through gate at Cherry Orchard Farm and had to lift wheelchair over narrow bars.  Approximately 5 miles.

Walk 10 - East RidingWalk 10: 19th March 2011 – First car at Howden (East Riding) and second at Cliffe (North Yorkshire / Selby). Flat easy walk apart from at side of Barmby Barrage where it is quite rough and narrow. Picnic tables and immaculate toilets with disabled facilities at Barrage car park.  Approximately 7 miles.

Walk 11Walk 11: 9th April 2011 – Left car at Blacktoft (East Riding) and second at Howden. Walked on flat road surface back to Blacktoft as foreshore route didn’t look suitable which is a real shame. Told that Bricklayers Arms at Laxton was a great place for food (12 – 2 opening).  Run down toilet available at Blacktoft Church information point.  Approximately 7 ½ miles.

Walk 12Walk 12: 14th May 2011 – Quick journey to Ellerker (East Riding) and second car at Blacktoft. Started off again on the cycling route which was flat and even but then deteriorated between Faxfleet and Broomfleet but we managed to get through. No toilets or snack places on this section so had to have roadside lunch.  Benches at either end of Broomfleet and picnic table at Weighton Lock.  First sighting of Humber Bridge.  Approximately 7 ½ miles.

Walk 13Walk 13: 28th May 2011 – Rented two cottages at Downholland Cross for two nights, one with wet room (West Lancashire). Set off from start of TPT at Southport and walked into head wind until Moss Lane and then to Lydiate car park. Nowhere to sit on this section for at least 6 ½ miles.  Easy going until the very bad bumpy section at Pumping Station.  Approximately 10 ¼ miles.

Walk 14: 29th May 2011 – One car parked at Walton Hall Avenue car Park, Walton (Liverpool). Second parked at Lydiate. Rather bumpy terrain over Magull Top but the rest was OK.  Again, nowhere to stop or toilets anywhere so we diverted to Aintree Retail Park.  Approximately 7 ¾ miles.

Walk 15Walk 15: 24th June 2011 – First car at North Ferriby (East Riding) and second at Ellerker. Again took the cycle route instead of the walking route which was a shame and we were along busy roads at times. The foreshore route would have been much more appealing.  Portaloo at Ellerker Garden Centre and seating in the village.  Triton Inn with restaurant and the Old Post Office had tables and chairs.  Shops and coffee / cake available at Elloughton.  Rugby club with toilets and food also at Brantingham.  Approximately 6 miles.

Walk 16Walk 16: 8th July 2011 – Struggled with signage for the TPT east of Hull but finally turned off on the A63 pas the hot tub shop (on left) then turned left and left again – parked on side street and second at Ferriby. Brilliant terrain all the way with benches at toilets at Humber Bridge but no more until you reach Pickering Park where there is an Asda with disabled toilet. Approximately 8 miles.

Walk 17Walk 17: 30th March 2012 – Parked first car at car park in New Ellerby (East Riding), down the side of the Old Railway Inn and second car just outside Hull, as we did on our previous walk. This section was fabulous and flat – a lovely easy walk. Picnic tables at the crossroads at Coniston Lane (to Swine) and a garden centre on the way back to A165 with loos and café, including disabled toilets.  Approximately 6 ¾ miles.

Walk 18Walk 18: 28th April 2012 – Car left at Hornsea main car park (near Sullivan’s Fish and Chip shop). Cut through to New Ellerby which was an easy walk with a couple of short inclines. Benches at path side at Great Hadfield but no public services on route at all.  Hornsea Leisure centre had disabled toilet.

Yippee! Made it to the east point. Approximately 126 ½ miles from Silkstone Common and today’s walk was 6 miles.

Walk 19Walk 19: 14th July 2012 – Because of having to cancel planned walks due to floods we decided to do Bishopthorpe to Riccall on the York leg. This was a perfect path with refreshments and disabled toilet at Brunswick Garden Centre (Bishopthorpe). Approximately 6 miles.

Walk 20Walk 20: 29th September 2012 – Parked one car by canal near Oulton (Leeds) and other at Royal Armouries. Toilets including disabled and café available at Armouries. Fantastic walk but the steps at Stourton were a killer.  Route was badly signed near Angling Club.  Needed to go into estate then left across the bridge to opposite side of canal for last 2 miles.  Bench at Fishpond Lock for lunch.  Approximately 7 miles.

Walk 2121: 13th April 2013 – Left first car at Heath (Wakefield) and second at Oulton (Leeds). There were no cafes or facilities along this section but a couple of steep inclines with more steps over the river (Blue Pipe Bridge) just before Heath. The section was badly signed near Methley which meant we did an extra mile here.  Approximately 9 miles.

Walk 22: 7th June 2013 – Finally found car park Royston (Barnsley) for first car and left second at Heath (Wakefield). There were a few benches scattered along this section including toilets with disabled and a restaurant at The Park Golf Club, Walton.

Walk 23Walk 23: 6th July 2013 – Back to the first walk where we left the first car at Wombwell (Barnsley) and the second at Royston. This section started off with a pretty rough narrow track which was overgrown for the first mile or so. The Bridge Inn served food about 2 miles into this stretch.  The remainder of this route was excellent.  Approximately 7 miles.

Walk 24: 9th September 2013 – Staying at Knutsford (Warrington) to pick up on the western section. Left first car at Dunham Massey (down by Rope and Anchor Pub) and the other at Morrisons in Wilderspool. The route was a bit bumpy for the first mile or so, then good.  British Legion club about 2 ½ miles on route with picnic tables.  Approximately 8 miles.

Walk 25Walk 25: 10th September 2013 – Parked at Shaw Lane, Speke (Knowsley) near recreation ground, through Hunts Cross. Long journey to Walton Hall Avenue and then walked back to Speke. Excellent flat track with best surface yet all the way.  Picnic tables on the left about 5 miles on.  Approximately 8 miles.

Walk 26Walk 26: 11th September 2013 – Left first car at Speke recreation ground and second at Spike Island. Excellent good, flat surface with picnic tables at Pickerings Pasture. Didn’t see any toilets though.  Huge steps over bridge but they were deep enough for all four wheels on Lincoln’s wheelchair (Ditton Brook, Halton).

Walk 27Walk 27: 12th September 2013 – Left first car at Morrisons in Wilderspool (Warrington) with second at Catalyst car park, Spike Island. This was a lovely walk by the canal and River Mersey with a few mushy bits after the recent rain. Nowhere to stop apart from pub at Penketh.  Approximately 7 ½ miles.

Walk 28Walk 28: 13th September 2013 – Left one car at car park near rear of Rope and Anchor at Dunham Massey (Trafford) and second in lay by in Carrington (A6144). After a bumpy start the route soon levelled out. Approximately 4 ½ miles.

Walk 29: 19th April 2014 – Parked at Selby rail station and second car at Riccall. This was an easy walk on a flat surface with pubs and shops along the way. Barlby pub was open and disabled toilets located at Selby bus station.  Approximately 5 miles).

Walk 30: 17th May 2014 – Staying at Hoseasons Charlesworth Lodges, Glossop. Left one car at Hadfield station and second at Charlesworth (High Peak). Various shops along route.  Approximately 5 miles.

Walk 31Walk 31: 18th May 2014 – Left car at Carrington (Trafford) and second at Green Pastures (Stockport. Excellent terrain all the way. Picnic spots at Chorlton Water Park, with toilets including disabled at Tesco’s in West Didsbury.  Approximately 9 ½ miles.

Walk 32Walk 32: 19th May 2014 – Left car at Haughton Dale (Tameside) by Church and the second at Green Pastures (Stockport). Benches at Reddish Valle Country Park. Toilets at shopping centre, including disabled, near bus station at Stockport.  This section was bumpy at times.  Horse steps were a problem at Reddish Vale but managed to lift wheelchair over.  Approximately 9 miles.

Walk 33: 20th May 2014 – Decided to reverse route because of steep hills.  First car left at Haughton Dale.  Walked from Charlesworth.  Bumpy at times and a few horse step overs that we had to lift wheelchair over.  No toilets or refreshments along this section.  Approximately 7 miles.

Walk 34Walk 34: 21st May 2014 – Drove to Hadfield (Peak Park) and second vehicle left at Windle Edge. This section was very rough for 2 miles and extremely steep at times. At least two wheelchair lifts over horse stiles.  Toilets at Torside car park (3 ½ miles from Hadfield).  Lots of benches on this route after Woodhead Tunnels.  Approximately 9 miles east to west.

Walk 35Walk 35: 22nd May 2014 – Left one car at Silkstone Common (Barnsley) and the second at Thurlstone. Then from Windle Edge to Thurlstone. Plenty of benches and picnic areas.  Picnic tables at Oxspring, toilets at Penistone Community Centre (including disabled).  Penistone station shelter for lunch.  Extremely hilly starts but then levelled out for excellent terrain.  Had to pull and hold wheelchair back with 2 holding belts on either side at Woodhead!  Approximately 12 miles.

Completed coast to coast route on the 4th Anniversary of our first walk, also before Sue and Ruth were 60!   Corks popping!!

Walk 36: 17th May 2015 – Staying at Wiggonlea Farm, Ambergate (Chesterfield), in their converted barn with a downstairs bedroom and wet room.  We parked the car at Inkersall Road, Staveley and did the 9 mile Chesterfield Loop section. This was difficult terrain, rough and step at times going south from Staveley but fantastic route by the canal. Stopped at Tapton Lock with benches and refreshments here.  Benches also along the side of the canal.  Lovely café and toilets, including disabled, at Hollingwood Hub.  Approximately 9 miles.

Walk 37: 20th May 2015 – Left first car at Staveley and second at Beighton (Chesterfield). Picnic benches on Killamarsh to Renishaw stretch. Refreshments, etc at Rother Valley Country Park.  Bad start at Beighton on rough paths and roads through housing estate but then the route improved.  Approximately 7 ½ miles.


Ruth and Lincoln Jenkins and our fab friends Sue and Paul Herring

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