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15-year-anniversary-ride-300x171On the Day

Here is a simple check-list to follow on the day:

  • Alll participants should be provided with a copy of the map highlighting check-points and refreshment areas. Give a verbal outline of the route and the plan for the event
  • Ensure participants are aware of appropriate clothing / equipment that is required – don’t be afraid to turn people away who are inadequately prepared, have unsafe equipment or have turned up without equipment (if necessary)
  • Introduce the ‘event team’ – leader, sweeper, backmarker and support staff
  • Remind participants of the Trail user code and ask participants to ‘share with care’ during the event
  • If the weather takes a turn for the worse, don’t be afraid to cancel your event or extend the planned refreshment stops
  • Every effort should be made during the event not to cause any damage to the Trail or its infrastructure. Any such damaged should be reported to the TPT office immediately
  • At the end of the event ensure everyone is accounted for
  • Nominate someone to be a photographer for your event
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