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haughton-dale-300x225Promotion and Marketing

Don’t forget to publicise your event. Allowing participants to pre-register will provide information on the number of participants. This will also allow you to limit the number of people taking part to ensure you have a manageable number. For larger events, once permission are in place, advance posters on the route could warn other users that a section would be more heavily used. This gives the opportunity for people to avoid this section during your event. Please obtain agreement with officers on wording and location of signs.

Please let the TPT office know of your event so we can post onto our website, Facebook and Twitter sites.

Remember to mention the Trans Pennine Trail in your promotion. If you would like to use the TPT logo in your promotion, please get in touch. Depending upon the size of your event you can also publicise by word of mouth; advertisements in local press; send out invitations to family and friends’; use social media; posters to display at work, school, libraries, leisure centres and local retail outlets.

Certificates of completion can be provided for you to present to participants after the event. Please contact TPT Office for further information (subject to numbers and notice given).

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