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scott-hurley-the-bike-show-300x224Event Organiser

Elect an event organiser or committee to oversee the smooth running of the event. The organiser(s) co-ordinates all aspects of the event and oversees the process to ensure smooth running and communication with all parties involved. The role of the event organiser is to build the initial concept / idea into reality.

The event organiser is responsible for:
• Route survey – taking account of barriers, road crossings, gradients that may impact on event participants
• Ensuring that all participants have a full brief of the event
• Ensuring that all health and safety responsibilities and considerations are adhered to, and that a thorough risk assessment is carried out and recorded prior to the event
• Communication with everyone involved from participants to project partners before, during and after the event
• Promotion and marketing
• Evaluation and stock-take of event

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