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york-event-sep-09-david-stevens-300x203Emergency information

Ensure emergency contact details are available for all participants during the event. It is important to check phone signals are available for the areas covered by your event (this is not always the case in the Peak Park area). Ensure you have a First Aid Kit available and a nominated qualified First Aider. Event leaders, back markers and marshals should be issued with maps and emergency contact numbers. For events of over 100 participants it is recommended that you need to arrange support from St Johns Ambulance.

  • St Johns Ambulance: 08700 104 950
  • British Red Cross: 0870 170 77000
  • RAYNET: 0303 040 1080

For large groups a support vehicle should be considered for transporting overnight bags, refreshments and repair kits. Smaller groups often carry their own gear with them but may have a smaller support vehicle to transport luggage. Please remember to park vehicles safely without causing obstruction to others.

For equestrian events, ensure you have relevant emergency vet information and measures have been taken in regard to emergency access arrangements.

For advice on first aid please visit 

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