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Eighty Three Year Old Completes the Trans Pennine Trail – Both Ways

Nov 8, 2013

Setting new standards, an 83 year old has just received her certificate for completing the TPT not just once, but twice, travelling west to east and then back again!

Betty Little from Wakefield, accompanied by her friend Moira, commenced her odyssey in May 2004 as a mere 78 year old, travelling with friends in what she describes as ‘short hops’ from Southport to Hornsea, completing the first crossing in January 2006. She commented that she had enjoyed the experience so much she immediately decided to do it all over again, this time travelling in the opposite direction.

What makes the journey so unusual, and Betty’s determination so exceptional, is that she used a combination of legs, private cars, buses, taxis and trains to get to various starting points to permit her to complete the route in short stages finishing in mid October 2008. Clearly, a very determined lady indeed.

Commenting on the achievement, TPT Officer Les Ford said, ‘This is an incredible accomplishment by a very ambitious lady who deserves full recognition for her endeavour, imagination and initiative. It also confirms that the TPT isn’t just for the physically super-fit and active, rather for everyone, no matter what their age, experience or level of fitness. In this respect Betty has confirmed beyond all doubt that the original ethos of the TPT has been well and truly proven.

It’s there for everyone to enjoy and experience even if they only visit and travel along little bits of it at a time enjoying the scenery, flora, fauna, villages, sights and sounds, together with everything else that makes up the trail.

Everyone connected with the TPT is delighted with her achievement and it gives me very great pleasure to be able to award her the completion certificates. The only question now is, will she decide to do the north-south route from York to Chesterfield as well? That really would be something else to add to the record books!’

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