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Support the Trans Pennine Trail

The 370-mile Trans Pennine Trail is maintained by a consortium of 27 local authorities across the North of England. They also support the National TPT Office in Barnsley.

Not all the costs of maintaining and developing the Trail can be found by the local authorities, however, especially as they come under increasing financial pressure. The Friends of the Trans Pennine Trail is a registered charity which supports the Trail in practical ways.

You can find out about the work of the Friends here

You can DONATE to support the work of the Friends using the link to CAFDonate opposite

Whether you want to make a one-off donation or start a regular donation via CAFDonate, you can become a Friend of the Trans Pennine Trail and receive the Supporters Newsletter just by electing to be kept in touch.

Our membership fees are:

Membership Type
Annual Fees
Family/ Joint£12
Group/ Organisation£12

Friends of the Trans Pennine Trail is eligible to reclaim Gift Aid on donations by eligible UK taxpayers, so please tick the box if you can.

Donations above the minimum membership rates are always welcome and will be put to good use.

If you make a one-off donation via CAFDonate, the Friends’ Membership Secretary will get in touch with you in a few months to see if you would like to continue as a Friend. No obligation to do so, of course, though you will have had a chance to find out more about the work of the Friends via the Newsletter.

Don’t like making donations online? You can donate and join the Friends in a variety of other ways. Please go to the Friends page to find out more

Want to help but not donate? Why not consider joining the TPT Volunteer Rangers. Details of the practical work of the Rangers can be found here

Longdendale Access Project

Pat and Bryan’s story has helped our Partners right across the Trans Pennine Trail network to see how changes can make the route more accessible. Take a look at what they've helped to accomplish.

Interactive Mapping

Together with local authorities across the Trail we have looked at sections across the Trail that are accessible for all users, view them here

Useful Links for Information

Check our useful links regarding accessibility 

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