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Welcome to the Trans Pennine Trail

A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in parts) horse riders


A national coast to coast route for recreation and transport – for walkers, cyclists and (in parts) horse riders

Friends of the TPT

Friends of the Trans Pennine Trail

… is a large group of people from points all across the Trans Pennine Trail (and beyond) who believe it to be a brilliant facility and wish to get involved to help promote and protect it. We are therefore an active group who support the TPT office and local authorities on their work for the Trail.

This support takes many forms, including spreading the word, doing presentations on the Trail, attending shows and events to help promote the TPT and keeping the office informed about what users think. We also campaign for the Trail and lobby agencies in order to protect it from conflicting proposals such as development on an existing section of Trail and champion potential improvements to the route. Some Friends also act as Volunteer Rangers, visiting their section of Trail regularly and acting as the eyes and ears of the TPT project.

We also have many members who just wish to keep informed about and support the TPT and join the Friends in order to do so. Not everyone needs to be an active member.

Beeley Woods (Polly Blacker)

The trail through Beeley Woods was cleared by Sustrans volunteers working with Sheffield City Council during a week-long workcamp in September 2009. It is part of a spur from the City Centre to Oughtibridge but there is then a gap, which needs filling, to link it suitably to the Trans Pennine Trail and onwards to Penistone (currently there is a steep hill and narrow bridge over the railway to navigate before joining the Trail). Tony (Cornah) and I are the volunteer Sustrans Rangers who – since 2009 – have been cycling along the trail at least monthly and litter-picking, noting any problems with drainage, the surface, the signing etc. After years of trying to raise funding to put an interpretation board in Beeley Woods, the Friends of the TPT gave us £500 and Sheffield City Council £1000 so we have designed a board and with the support of Martin Riall – a Sustrans volunteer in Newcastle upon Tyne – and Genie Creative locally, it has been digitised for manufacture, which is happening right now! Here is a link to the final design:

We are planning to install the board on the morning of Sunday November 12th and follow this in the afternoon between 1.00-3.00 with a family event to celebrate the wildlife of Beeley Woods with lots of fun activities and games (supported by the Outdoor Learning officers from Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust). Do join us!
Recently I have also taken on the role of co-ordinator Wildlife Champion for Sustrans in Sheffield and am busy recruiting new volunteers to start a group of Wildlife Champions here and hope to work with the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust and Don Catchment Rivers Trust to improve Beeley Woods for wildlife as well as to plan other work along the Sustrans routes in Sheffield.
Polly (Blacker)

Joining the Friends of the TPT

If you feel that the TPT offers you something great – be it for a quiet walk, an excursion on your horse or a bit of exercise on your bike please join us. Whether you simply want to support us or are keen to be active, we don’t mind. Membership fees are used to support our work and also to keep everyone informed through the newsletter Up and Over.

Membership costs just £6 a year for ordinary members; £4 for unwaged/concessions; £10 for family/joint/clubs.

Fill in the form below to join – once complete, you will be redirected to The Friends of the TPT MyDonate payment page

If you’re visiting this page and would just like to know how you can make a donation to ensure the Trail is protected for our future generations to enjoy just visit our donate section for further information.

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